Remoin was born in 1982.

In the time it is specialized in the designing, construction and installation of turnkey industrial plants for the pharmaceutical industry.

Remoin realizes:
   - water for injection (WFI) and purified water (PW) production, storage and distribution systems;
   - pure steam distribution systems;
   - process pipings;
   - solution preparation rooms with automatic management of the recipes;
   - cleaning in place and sterilization in place (CIP, SIP)
Specific for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry complying with GMP, FDA and ISPE rules and recommendations.

Remoin produces Multieffect Distillers, Thermocompression Distillers, Pure Steam Generators, Reverse Osmosis with EDI, CIP-SIP systems, Preparation tanks and reactors for active principles, Turbo Emulsifiers, Melting Tanks, Storage Tanks and Double Tube Sheet Heat Exchangers (DTS) specific for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry complying with GMP, FDA and ISPE rules and recommendations.

The society is certified ISO 9001 since 1998, associated FEDERLAZIO di LATINA.
Remoin is able to realize and supply only machines or the complete turnkey solutions necessary to the whole production process.


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Why Choose Us

All of our product/systems are tailor-made to our client’s requirements and based on the site conditions


All our components are from most qualified brands and they fully comply with the latest international standards as set by cGMP, GAMP, FDA, ISPE and other regulatory bodies.


Remoin has a long track record of successful project realized in the farest and most difficult to reach areas such as Siberia, Indonesia and Malaysia inlands, Emirates, Mexico and other places in Middle-East and South America


All our equipment are certified complying to CE and ASME Directives, and PED Rules.

Moreover, we can also supply Certifications complying to Specific Rules of Countries Extra E.U. or U.S.A. ones.


We can provide you, at your choice within our clients reference list, contacts persons that will witness about successful completion of projects and Remoin post-sales effective assistance

Our Team

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About Remoin

We realizes (ready for use) storage systems and distribution of distilled water, purified water, distribution circuits for clean steam, process piping, preparation rooms with automatic management of recipes (specifies for pharmaceutical and food industry), according to the recommended prescriptions by ISPE, FDA and cG.M.P..

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