Turbo Emulsifiers

Turbo Emulsifiers

REMOIN is a company who can engineer and build equipments turbo emulsifiers as tracked or fix for vacuum preparation of tooth paste, creams, oils, gel and sterile ointments. Small and medium scale capacity, having same features as the equipment engineered for high outputs. The plant allows different configuration according to process requirements:
- Anchor agitator, with or without scrapers
- Turbo-emulsifier fitting a wide range of heads to cope with any specific requirements of customers.
- Anchor with axial or planetary counter-revolving
- Magnetic agitator with possibility of quick connection or disconnection
- Dispersor in recirculation
- Equipment for pharmaceutical-grade valves and fittings, 3A/FDA approved
- Kettle valve
- Flush mounted valve
- Weighing system
- Lifting column complete with mechanical and electronic securities
- Thermostating unit with remote controls or main Control Board
- Deaerating vacuum pump
- Main Control Board with MPU control unit
- Synoptic or control screen
- Variable speed on all equipments installed
- Parameters and events recording
- Automatic and/or manual monitoring and execution of the process
- Stainless steel skid.

turbo emulsifier2The machine is designed and engineered in compliance with the most demanding standards ruling on operator safety during process stages. The machine basically features “IN-LINE” connection to automatic CIP and SIP washing and sterilization systems.
The extreme versatility of the machine allows handy and quick servicing thanks to the independence of each component installed. The use of the machine for sterile products and environments requires its compliance to cGMP in that it is manufacture and to 3A/FDA for the class of the material used.


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23 January 2015



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We realizes (ready for use) storage systems and distribution of distilled water, purified water, distribution circuits for clean steam, process piping, preparation rooms with automatic management of recipes (specifies for pharmaceutical and food industry), according to the recommended prescriptions by ISPE, FDA and cG.M.P..

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